Collegocity campus vists and college tours. Campus visits simplified.


We are committed to helping all campus visitors optimize their resources, be it information, energy, time, or money!

Personal Trips

Itinerary Production*            

$700 flat rate per trip

Includes pre-visit planning & prep, remote support in case of questions or emergencies on the road, post-visit debrief and follow-up strategy.

General Advising

$35 per half hour
(via email, phone, or video conferencing)


Group Trips

Itinerary Production*                   

Varies - To simply produce the itinerary but not broker any of the financial transactions (pre-paying for hotels, transportation, meals, etc.), the cost is the same as the individual itinerary production ($700 per itinerary).  If Collegocity assumes the brokerage of such transactions, the cost of itinerary production will, of course, reflect such expenses. 

Group Trip Direction                        

Varies - Depending on the length of the trip. Roughly $1000 per day for 24-hour guidance.

Night Time Security

Varies - Depending on number of evening chaperones required and their travel expenses.


Campus Visit Program Invigoration

$100 per hour; 10-hour minimum

Campus Visit Presentation

$300 flat rate per presentation + travel and lodging expenses

Other Events

Rates vary depending on event details and requirements


*Clients are responsible for paying for hotels, rental cars, etc., in addition to the itinerary production fee. Collegocity is able to secure special low rates on behalf of our clients.  If airfare is involved, clients are responsible for making & paying for those arrangements, unless it is preferred that Collegocity make those arrangements, the cost of which will then be invoiced.

Campus Visit Access Award

Collegocity is committed to helping all campus visitors make the most of their time and their money. We believe each and every student deserves excellent guidance during their college search, regardless of their ability to pay.

If our stated rates are prohibitive for you or your group, please consider applying for the Campus Visit Access Award to receive our services at a discounted rate. Contact us to inquire about an application.