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There's a lot to learn about campus visits. Let us share what we know!

Collegocity's experienced campus visit experts are passionate about helping everyone invovled in the process make campus visits better. We work with students, parents, teachers, counselors, school leaders, admissions staff, trustees, and tourists to improve and understand the campus visit experience from every possible angle.

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Campus Visit Assessments

Is your college or university's campus visit programming at its very best? Let us put our knowledge and experience to work for you with a Campus Visit Assessment.

Our staff will assess a program's strengths and weaknesses; identify areas for improvement and innovation; and work with admissions staff to optimize campus visit offerings in a realistic way. We also facilitate change implementations. 

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Campus Visit Presentations

Want to add another perspective to your high school's next parent night or the upcoming admissions office staff retreat?

Collegocity's enthusiastic staff are available to speak about any or all aspects of campus visits to a variety of audiences.

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