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What to Wear on a Campus Visit

Posted by Mary Conger on Aug. 16, 2011

The question of what to wear on campus visits seems to stress students and parents alike. While there are some campuses that have specific dress codes (such as West Point or Clearwater Christian College), most colleges and universities simply expect students to look presentable. You don’t have to get all gussied up, but don’t show in sweats and expect to impress.

Good Rules of Thumb

Always consider the climate of the campus as you’re packing for your trip. If it’s winter in Minnesota, bring your boots. Checking out Hawaii Pacific University? Flip-flops won’t be frowned upon. (If you work with Collegocity to plan a customized itinerary, don't worry--we always provide weather information and a packing list so you can't go wrong.)

Here’s our Goldilocks version of appropriate campus visit attire, with some assistance from Selena Gomez & Michael B. Jordan.


Just Right



Remember, it’s most important to feel both comfortable and like yourself while on a campus visit, which is always do-able while also looking presentable. And, provided there’s room in the suitcase, it’s fine to bring a nicer outfit for an interview or formal campus meeting that you can change into or out of as your visit moves along. 

Quick Tips 

For Students

For Parents

For Colleges

Still not sure if what you plan to wear is appropriate? Leave a comment below or drop us a line and we'll help you figure it out! We can also help you plan the perfect trip to go along with your perfect wardrobe.

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