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Four Benefits of Group Campus Visit Trips

Posted by Mary Conger on Sep. 23, 2011

We know that every busy-as-can-be educator yearns to spend their free time traveling with teenagers. But beyond the sheer delights of charter bus seats and dining hall food, why should you or your organization consider arranging a group campus visit trip?

There are many great reasons to get your kids “on the bus” so to speak. Here are four of the most compelling: 


Exposing students to a full range of schools unlocks the full potential of the college search process. Most students only visit campuses with which they’re already familiar, never learning what else is out there. Group trips are a perfect opportunity to help students see just how many options exist because their itineraries offer more variety than those of individual trips.


Educating students about how to evaluate colleges according to their needs is critical to post-secondary success. Group visits allow educators to both show and tell students how to compare schools, visit well, and make good choices.


Empowering students to confidently access and assess colleges and universities is essential to a thorough college search. Many high schoolers don’t realize they are welcome on campuses. Visiting in a group reduces awkwardness and reminds students that the scrutiny of college admissions goes both ways: kids judge colleges just as colleges judge kids.


Exciting students about post-secondary prospects is perhaps the best reason to visit colleges in a group. Traveling with peers makes the experience more fun and less pressure-filled, and allows students to bond and build enthusiasm for college. Two (or 29!) heads are also better than one: group visits get kids talking about what they see and opens them up to new perspectives and paths.

If the thought of organizing a group visit is overwhelming (scheduling, fundraising, safety, transportation, permission slips...), rest assured that a well-planned trip is an extremely efficient use of time. Students walk away with a much clearer sense of the college landscape and a greater personal investment in their future. Educators also expand their own knowledge of colleges, and get to learn about their students in a new environment. 

Schools, churches, athletic teams, clubs...Collegocity can help any organization with any budget coordinate a stellar group campus visit trip. Learn more about our Group Visit Options, or start Planning a Group Visit now.

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