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Our Story

Collegocity was created in response to a senseless situation: each year, tens of thousands of busy families spend thousands of dollars, travel hundreds of miles, and use weeks of their time to visit college campuses at which they merely take a tour, visit the bookstore, and go home. 

Our founder, Mary, first noticed this problem when she was working in college admissions—visitors would come from as far away as India and miss critical opportunities to really “kick the tires” of a campus or, worse, find out that the school simply didn’t meet some of their student’s basic requirements.  Later, during her work as a high school guidance counselor, she observed the situation from the other side of the desk: Campus visits made very strong (positive and negative) impressions on students, but there was no guarantee that this impact was based on visits that were authentic, thorough, or relevant.  Students would dismiss colleges that were great fits because of a boring tour or bad weather, or fall in love with a campus because the tour guide was cute (even though it didn’t offer their intended major).  Also, people only visited colleges with which they were already familiar, often missing a chance to tour a great-fit campus just 10 minutes further down the road or really see and feel the differences between big, small, urban, rural, religious, independent, single-sex, co-ed, liberal, conservative, etc., before they decided which kind of school was best for them.

As you can see, Collegocity believes that campus visits are extremely influential yet underutilized elements of the college search process. They significantly affect students’ decisions about where to apply and enroll, and also colleges’ decisions about whom to admit (we have seen “demonstrated interest” play out time and time again).  Accordingly, we have developed a knowledgeable, energetic, and student-centered approach that ensures students are exposed to an appropriate range of colleges, empowered to be investigative during their visits, and educated in how to evaluate their visit experiences according to their individual needs and goals.  In short, Collegocity deals with the details of arranging visits so that students can focus on finding a fit. 

All of us at Collegocity are seasoned travelers as well as knowledgeable guidance professionals. As former college tour guides, admissions officers, high school counselors, and university administrators (as well as prospective students and parents!), we understand campus visits from multiple perspectives.  With over a decade of experience visiting hundreds of schools across the nation, Collegocity’s Campus Visit Coordinators are well suited to meet all your campus visit needs.